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Torque Promo 2021 - Ground Rhythm

Torque Promo 2021 - Ground Rhythm

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Virtual Film Screening
2022 Dates TBD!

the body survives

Torque Definition: noun

a twisting force that tends to cause rotation

FILM DESCRIPTION: This dance and film project explores the idea of the mental and relational imprisonment humans deal with on a daily basis by simply imagining how the amount of brain energy used in making a decision translates into movement.  Dancers in this piece relive recent moments of both systemic imprisonment and self imprisoned environments that directly affects their decision-making. Dancers in this film use movement to express the reality of imprisonment and their relationships exhibit true stories of power and choice. 

Other Projects with Destine Young

The Urban Circle Project 2021

As apart of the overall project, We are currently in our second phase of development and preparation for a live staged rendition of our 2019 Dance Film entitled, "Torque- The body survives". This staged performance will consist of a series of short dances that will premiere in our evening-length Spring 2020 Concert. Aside from Imprisonment, each of these works hints at our continued curiosity to research and examine the body in survival mode, especially among black & brown communities.

The basis of The Urban Circle project is to use dance as a tool for cultivating embodied research as well as a vehicle for fostering the development of self-image. We are interested in researching how black and brown communities are wired to survive and exploring how that manifests in the body in tandem with how white communities are wired to survive--as a catalyst for discovering new modes of equity and its influence towards cultural preservation in black and brown communities.

This project will envelop the cultural aesthetics and rituals associated with hip-hop. Focusing on a freestyle approach to movement while introducing philosophies of Martial Arts this space can become one where people can;
-activate internal healing practices for the mind, body & spirit
-engage in culture
-realize their creativity
-share their ideas and beliefs about community
-inspire them to act, organize and grow for change.

The Urban Circle Project will include; scheduled movement workshops, informal collaborative improv sharings, masterclasses and story panels centered on human survival. Most events will take place at spaces in the Austin Community. Dates, Times and Locations for these events will be shared with the public at a later date.

Through the Urban Circle Project we envision creating a space where people can play, dance, explore and share their stories with other bodies as a way to strengthen art, culture and community.

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Become a collaborator!

How to become a collaborator:

  • Submit your resume, bio, and headshot via email for a chance to collaborate with us.

  • Tell us why you're interested in working with us and your experience with hip-hop, contemporary, martial arts and improvisation.

  • Attend at least 10 classes to experience the "Ground Rhythm Method" to see if you're a good fit for our work. Next, if selected you will be enrolled in our training program to become eligible to teach our method as well as enter our collaborative creative process.

Send to:

We can't wait to move with you!


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